Striving for knowledge based society


Striving-for-knowledgeHistory Ziauddin University is an evolving, research oriented private sector university of Pakistan, named fondly after Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed who was the longest serving Vice Chancellor and Rector of Aligarh Muslim University (1935-1947). Dr Ziauddin was an exceptional person, a Mathematician par excellence, an illustrious Educationist and a strong advocate for social, educational and political development of the Muslims of Indo Pakistan subcontinent. He was a close associate of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He accepted the office secretary ship of All India Muslim League in Central Assembly in 1938 and also rendered his services to Quaid-e-Azam as advisor on educational matters. He left an incredible mark on our educational system and our nation owes him a great deal. Dr Ziauddin’s daughter Dr. Ajaz Fatima and son-in-law Dr.Tajammul Hussain laid the foundation of a small medical facility in Karachi, which later grew into Ziauddin University. In 1994, through Sindh Government Ordinance No XVII, Dr. Ziauddin Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences was established which developed into Ziauddin Medical University in 1995 by Sindh Assembly Act No VI of 1995. In 2005 Ziauddin Medical University was given the charter as Ziauddin University vide Amendment ACT 2003 dated 2005. Introduction Ziauddin University offers a large number of high quality undergraduate, graduate, master and doctorate level academic programs. At the outset, the focus was more towards Health and Allied Health Sciences but after becoming a general university, it has expanded itself in diverse fields of learning. ZU offers degree programs in Medicine, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy, Bio-Medical Engineering, Allied Health Sciences, Media and Communications studies, Physical Therapy, Nursing and Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences. All the academic programs of ZU are accredited by the respective professional accrediting bodies and by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Ziauddin University has a well developed administrative structure and its various statutory bodies meet regularly and actively play their role in decision making processes of the university. All the academic programs of ZU pursue semester system except for the MBBS & BDS programs that follow a hybrid semester system with initial years having basic science courses spread over semesters and evaluated likewise while Clinical disciplines are assessed annually in the latter part of both the programs. Ziauddin University has become a popular choice among keen learners and high achievers because of it’s: Learning Environment With the premises free from all types of political activities, Ziauddin University provides a very safe and conducive learning environment for students. A favorable teacher student ratio and a student centered approach facilitate active learning. Rich curricular and co curricular activities contribute in developing a sense of camaraderie among the Teaching/learning methods Innovative and updated teaching/ learning methods are practiced in ZU. Traditional teaching methods are being gradually replaced with small group, interactive and hands on learning with emphasis on Problem based learning. Students are expected to build upon their prior knowledge and skills and are guided to develop concepts, think critically, and apply and evaluate what they have learned. Learning Resources All the institutions of ZU are equipped with stimulating educational materials for the students where they have opportunities to interact directly with the learning resources. ZU has a well stocked library, very vibrant clinical skills lab, laboratories, three tertiary care hospitals, a television channel and a FM Radio station as some of the facilities to nurture inquisitive minds. Continued on page 10

Ziauddin University: Striving for knowledge based society

convocation3Continued from page 3 Learner support With the help of highly qualified, trained and experienced faculty, students of ZU experience continuous remodeling of their learning habits. Student counseling and/or mentoring services are accessible in all the academic programs. Student guide books are available that direct the students to their curricular content and academic schedule. ZU website also caters to the student body by being student friendly and having a separate link for students. Assessment A centralized Examination Department ensures fair and continuous assessment of students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes at Ziauddin University. Item banking and multiple assessment tools are used to make each examination reliable and challenging.

convocation4Community Service Ziauddin University has always accepted the responsibility to contribute directly to the development of the society in which it is embedded. Ziauddin Sikanadar-abad Community Partnership, a project of Ziauddin University won second place in the coveted MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship by the Talloires Network, Tufts University, USA for the year 2016. This long-standing program with deep roots in the community has a primary focus on providing holistic family medicine and empowering the community to contribute to their own welfare. Students from faculties of medicine, dental, physiotherapy and pharmacy of Ziauddin University are working in the center providing primary health care to the community. Research Research is promoted at every level. Students as well as faculty members are encouraged to contribute to the pool of human knowledge.

convocation5A good number of original research articles are added by the prodigies working in different fields of learning at ZU. Publications Ziauddin University shares its pool of academic research with the rest of the world by means of three peer reviewed academic research journals: 1. Pakistan Journal of Medicine and Dentistry 2. Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation 3. Journal of Nursing Quality Assurance From the time of student intake till the time of final assessment, Ziauddin University has well defined quality assurance procedures that are aligned to maintain and further improve the quality of its programs. All activities related to students’ e.g. admission process, learning courses, are regularly evaluated and the feedback received is used for their future enrichment. Location Far from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city, Ziauddin University is located in the calm, serene area of Clifton, Karachi. Anxious parents and students interested in pursuing serious studies find this location a safe haven for learning. Some institutions of ZU are very conveniently placed in North Nazimabad, Karachi, catering to a large population of its catchment locale. A tertiary care hospital facility is also located in Kemari, dockyard area of Karachi, and provides health services to its surrounding middle to low income populace.

Ziauddin University’s vision, mission

Vision To be a prestigious institution of higher education recognized for its academic excellence and research, nurturing ethical and intellectual curiosity in the recipients of higher education and positively contributing towards the development of a knowledge based convocation6society in Pakistan which can fully understand global challenges in the rapidly changing political, economic and social paradigm. Mission Ziauddin University seeks to have a futuristic approach in imparting knowledge, skills and confidence in students and to inculcate in them such critical abilities, wisdom and values which are necessary for a forward looking coherent civil society where knowledge is disseminated and service rendered with the highest sense of moral uprightness and social responsibility to the nation, region and the world at large. Statement of Purpose Ziauddin University has been created to promote the advancement of knowledge in health sciences through excellence in teaching, research, and public service. Student education and training at the university is directed towards producing graduates who will contribute towards enhancing health education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles in populations from to all socio-economic stratums of Pakistan. Ziauddin University endeavours to develop in each student, the virtues and values of humanity, dignity and worthiness; a desire and capacity for critical reasoning; an appreciation and understanding of the social sciences, biomedical sciences and arts; the ability to communicate; and the skills for acquiring new knowledge and meeting the challenges of an exponential growth of information. The institution focuses on developing competence, personal fulfilment and responsible leadership in science and public service.


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Dr-Aijaz-FatimaWe planted a sapling, Dr Asim watered it into a large tree – Asim Hussain was awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the two respectable awards by the government, in recognition of his services. Ziauddin University and Hospital is considered as one of the largest hospitals in the country. Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad was born in 1877 in Meerut into a well-known Zuberi family of India. He completed his Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College (MAO) in 1895, and his Masters in Arts (MA) from Calcutta and Allahabad Universities in 1897 and 1898 respectively. He obtained his D.Sc. in Mathematics in 1901 also from Allahabad University. He enrolled himself in the Trinity College at Cambridge University and earned an Honours Degree in Mathematics in 1903 where he became the first Indian to receive the Sir Isaac Newton Scholarship. His thirst for knowledge took him to Gottingen University, Germany, where he completed his PhD in Mathematics in 1906. He converted the MAO College into the Aligarh University. He also established many colleges and medical colleges devoting his whole life for education. He used to say that primary education was more challenging than the higher education; therefore, he always concentrated on training and educating the children.


Dr-Asim-hussainWe should follow and learn from history rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Ziauddin Group today is more than 50 years old as we carry the legacy of Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed in the same spirit as he had envisioned. Dear graduates, it is now up to you, as you will be the torch-bearers of this fine institution of higher learning, we expect you to be effective ambassadors of Ziauddin University. The struggle as to how this country was achieved has again been forgotten. The role of people like Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed and institutions like Aligarh, seem to be something of a distant past. Instead of merit prevailing, the select rich elite are allowed to roam the corridors of power with pomp and show, while the weak and honest are incarcerated. If things continue like this we will surely invoke the wrath of Allah. Since creation of Adam & Eve, mankind has faced many challenges both divine and self-created. Such challenges had one thing in common; man forgot the supremacy of Allah and forgot to speak the truth without fear. I would pay tributes to my mother, wife and children who stand by me through these turbulent times. The basic principle of a constitution in any country is equitable justice, freedom of thought and speech as permissible by law, respect of honor & dignity of man. If these basic principles and rights are trampled then we see emergence of a civil society with no moral values as we see emerging today.


Prof-Dr-pirzadaHeartiest Congratulations on the completion of your graduation. It is a matter of great pride and joy for you on this day – the 14th Convocation of Ziauddin University – a day to remember as it marks the end of one chapter and a new beginning from here. Congratulations to your parents as well for their guidance and support all the way. It is because of them that you have accomplished so much. Innovative changes are taking place at a fast pace and you have to keep abreast of them. My advice to you young graduates would be to seek and gain more and more knowledge as this is a real value addition to human beings. The faculty at the University has played a key role in shaping your progress in education. Now it is up to you to take it on from there. I wish you success in all your future endeavors.