Windows 10 to include in-built eye tracking

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It’s no new news that Microsoft is bringing out a new update in Windows 10. What’s new in this news is that Microsoft is bringing the feature of in-built eye tracking to Windows 10. Called Eye Control, the update will allow anyone to navigate through their gaze without the usual mouse and keyboard. The user would be able to launch different applications, type and perform other common tasks just by focusing their eyes on the specific part of the screen. The user will gaze at the particular app in order to launch it, or use an onscreen keyboard by gazing at characters to type the words. This feature can be beneficial for people suffering from diseases like ALS or other neuro-muscular diseases that restrains a person from using their hands, as per Engadget. For Eye Control, Microsoft partnered with Tobii whose trackers have the broadest compatibility for the recent feature. The new feature will need hardware such as Tobii’s Eye Tracker 4C. Microsoft is working with it to enable this support. The already present devices like Tobii Dynavox, PCEye Mini, PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Plus and I-series will all be supported soon, reports The Verge. The upgrade is available in beta as a part of Windows Insider preview for instant use. The participants would have to sign up to Windows Insider for getting access. However, there is no firm schedule as to when the update will reach stable Windows versions. The feature marks a step closer to making PCs completely accessible. The new feature will open doors for people who are in need of totally different control scheme.–Agencies

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