Quality Matters


Dr Aijaz Fatima Patron-in-Chief

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he month of November is world-over considered as ‘Quality Month’ for all institutions and the industries etc. The Group of Dr Ziauddin Hospitals observed its “Quality Week” from November 28 to December 3, 2016.We have many unique services quality-wise. This Quality Week was a milestone to check our standards that where we stand. After this exercise we have discovered that we are handling the most complicated cases in surgery, Gynecology and whatever else. We have the best faculties and best services at least in the whole city of Karachi. If we go through the country then we are one of the top three medical institutions in Pakistan. We are already ISO certified and soon calling a Joint International Commission Team within few days.

Dr. Asim Hussain Chairman

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]r. Ziauddin Group Stands as a ‘Symbol of Reliability and Quality in Health Care’ in Pakistan with a vision to provide affordable and state of the art health services for every citizen of the country ,and to be the most relevant tertiary health care provider for every strata of the society. With the implementation of internationally recognized certification, I am very hopeful about quality of ‘Services’ offered at our hospital. I am also certain that such measures combined with a compassionate and safe hospital environment, dedicated staff members and a team of credible doctors, makes Dr. Ziauddin HospitalGroup one of the most reputed health care providers in the country”.

Ms Sabina Khalid C.O.O

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]r. Ziauddin Group of hospitals is an extension to the dream of Sir Ziauddin Ahmed. From its inception in 1975 as a facility in North Nazimabad, it is now positioned as a leading brand in the health care sector, diversified across five dedicated branches and locations. It stands as a symbol of reliability and state-off-the-art healthcare services for every citizen of Pakistan, and to be the tertiary healthcare provider of choice for every strata of the society. With the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance program across the Group, I am very confident about the quality of services offered at our hospitals. I am sure that with a compassionate and safe hospital environment, dedicated staff and a team of credible doctors will make Dr. Ziauddin Group of Hospitals one of the most reputed healthcare facilities in the country.”

Dr. Shireen Mansoor MS North Campus

[dropcap]Q[/dropcap]uality is everyone’s business and when we talk of Quality in a health care industry, we have to strive to get the best standard of care and services provided to our patients. I am a staunch supporter of monitoring and implementing quality measures at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Quality Management System is being assured throughout the Hospital and I feel proud to say that we are already in the state of excellence providing Quality Care and Services. The future is bright as the expectations are high and surely we will touch the sky in performance of merit. I am thankful to all the members of the Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and the support staff for their tireless work and commitment to providing their best input in support to ‘Quality’.

Dr. Anila Kazmi GH Quality Assurance

 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]e live in a world, where things are fluctuating, either up or either down, we being health care providers have to focus on providing the best quality care and services to our patients. Nonetheless all of us at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital are striving towards delivering one of the best healthcare services to patients, while at the other hand we are minimizing errors and maximizing quality. In my view, patient safety and quality of care are at the heart of what we all want to accomplish Therefore, we need to be persuasive drivers of reform and bring improvement in our services. Important changes have already been made and others are in progress. I am sure that a collaborative approach between those using our services and those providing them will assist us to have an absolute standard and excellent healthcare system.

Dr. Anoop Medical Superintendent

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing one of the core values of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, the importance of quality control is emphasized in all departments of Clifton Campus. We ensure that we remain up-to-date with the latest research and technical advances so that our hospital can provide the appropriate care in a technically sound manner through competent and compassionate staff. With the establishment of a Quality Assurance Department in Clifton Campus, all clinical and non-clinical departments are on the same page and are working towards achieving international standards in the near future. This journey in quality has affected the processes and work flows in many of our departments, increasing efficiency and productivity of staff and opening their minds towards quality improvement. I look forward to the continuation of this journey with success.

Dr. Saima Akhter Medical Superintendent

[dropcap]Q[/dropcap]uality is never a coincidence. It is always the result of an intelligent effort.” We, at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, have been fortunate enough to have visionary senior leadership who have directed the efforts of many towards a common goal of achieving high standards of quality. Although the Keamari Campus of Dr. Ziauddin is smaller than its counterparts, we hold ourselves to the same standards as Clifton and North Nazimabad Campuses. Our staff understands that there is no compromise when it to come to quality and all departments are committed to providing optimal patient care, for all patients at all times. I appreciate the efforts being put by the Quality Assurance team and look forward to the new innovative strategies being implemented to ensure continuous quality improvement in all campuses of the Hospital.

Dr. Shehla Naqvi Group Head HR

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Human Resource department of Dr. Ziauddin Group is strategic business partner, committed to enhancing the organizational framework by attracting, developing & retaining qualified employee to perform the activities to accomplish organizational objectives. It aims to develop policies which benefit the employee and also ensure that the organization is working along its mission, vision & core values.Our training and development team targets staff of all tiers and further cultivate both technical and behavioral skills through interactive sessions and workshops using evidence based methods of employee engagement and performance management. The HR department serve as the liaison between the employee and the administration and it is our goal to maintain professional environment as Dr. Ziauddin Group progresses onwards and upwards.

Quality matter as standard shines

By Dr. Anila Kazmi

[dropcap]Q[/dropcap]uality focused and quality assured is a major catch, when we talk about maintaining Quality in a Health Care industry. In the same regards Dr. Ziauddin Hospital arranged a Quality Week which was planned as different days at all the eminent campuses, North, Clifton and KDLB. This being one of the first kind ever planned and made life under the umbrella of the Department of Quality Assurance at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. The week had a mesmerizing impact taking tremendous start with house full participants. The journey through the week was a very delightful and impressive one. We viewed all the departments especially the Non- clinical, Support ones totally involved to make the event a great success. Day I: Dedicated to our Nursing Services, highlighted talks on Nursing Education and today Dr. Ziauddin Hospital caters one of the best Nursing Education and it is a mark of excellence. The Nursing Services provided at Dr. Ziauddin Quality-matterHospital is patient focused and we surely have all the standards required to play a valuable role for serving our patients. Prominent Speakers were Ms. Alia Nasir , Principal College of Nursing, Matron Ms. RehanaAyub, and Ms. Fauzia Pesnani , Head of Oncology Nursing , Dr. Ziauddin hospital . Oncology Nursing isthe onekind of nursing where true challengesare met in as here we manageImmuno-compromised patients. Day 2: Ms. Ruby Shabbir, Deputy Chief Medical Information Officer, shared her views about OPD Quality Service at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Our OPD caters about 250 – 300 patients on a daily basis, and managing patients of diversified illnesses. Following the talk, Medical Informatics was further discussed by Mr. Akbar Khowaja , Chief Information Officer of Ziauddin Group who showed the future of IT in healthcare industry . Consultants of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital were especially invited to share their views on the quality aspects of the hospital care and Dr. Khalid Mahida, Consultant ENT surgeon and Associate Director at Keamari Campus said a few words about the positive developments he has witnessed in the organization during his decade-long tenure with Dr. Ziauddin Hospitals. The sessions continued as per agenda. Two representatives from the Emergency Department, Dr. Gul Ahuja and Dr. Ali Raza gave a summary of the facilities in their respective campuses while Dr. Saifullah Kazmi discussed the need for quality control when monitoring patients in critical care units. Day 3: Diagnostics is yet another backbone of any hospital and at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital we a proud to have one of the best Services in this field. Dr. Adnan Zuberi, acting Director Clinical Laboratories and Head of the Department Chemical Pathology, talked on our Quality services, then supported by Dr. Kashif Shazlee, Head Department Radiology, Dr. JawaidMallick, and Head of the Department Oncology, Dr. Jawaid Ansari, Consultant Cardiologist, and Dr. Bashir.A. Soomro, Head of Department EMG and Neurology and Dr. SajidSattar, Head Nuclear Medicine. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Diagnostic Services facilitates the provision of timely, cost-effective, and high quality diagnostic care in secure and safe environments. Other informative talks were given by the Departments of Blood Bank &Haematology, Microbiology, Infection Control, Molecular Genetics, and Histopathology, Speakers being Dr. Fatima Meraj, Dr. Faisal Afridi, Dr. FouziaLateef and Ms. FarkhandaHaroon. Facility based diagnostic service employees include physicians, nurses, technicians, technologists, administrators, as well as program assistants and analysts. Combining these diagnostic services and employees into an interdisciplinary group facilitates the sharing of knowledge and permits uniformity of practices and policies. Day 4: When we talk of Therapies, no doubt,the Department of Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy are at providing excellent quality services to patients from all over Karachi and even many being referred from outside the city as well. At Dr. Ziauddin Hospital we make sure a patient-focused strategy to assist Physicians in achieving their highest potential for recovery by designing a treatment plan specific to their clinical needs. Our total care team uses daily communication among the resident’s physician, clinical team, patient and patient’s family to facilitate successful outcomes. The Eminent Speakers of the day were Ms. SumairaImran Farooqui, Associate Professor Principal, Ziauddin College of Physical Therapy, HOD, Clinical Services of Physical Therapy, Ziauddin University, MsAmna Asif Siddiqui, Principal College of Speech therapy and Guest SpeakerMr. Ata Mohammad Head of Physiotherapy Department, Aga khan University Hospital. On the same day quality services of Pharmacy Department were also shared. Mr. GhulamMustafa, GM Pharmacy Department and Head, explained the significance role of Pharmacy and how our dedicated pharmacists are involved in providing the best services for all our customers. Dr. Saima Akhtar Medical Superintendent & Mr. Zafar Alvi, Executive Head, KDLB campus, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, shared their views on the overall performance & quality services being provided by the campus, serving humanity at it level best. The main objective of the whole week event was to have a stronger bonding in between the campuses and knowing each other which will lead to a better liaison of all individuals working across each campuses of Dr. Ziauddin Hospitals. Day 5: On a warm Friday, it was very nice to see the houseful participants. A day devoted to the support services of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. The enthusiasm was felt and each and every service spoke for him / her. It encompassed valued speeches and talks from Departments, Marketing, Front Office, Food and Nutrition, Architecture, Interiors and Civil Engineering, Maintenance and Fire Office, HVAC, Biomedical Engineering, and Housekeeping, Telecommunication, Human Resource Management and Training and Development Few important speakers of the day were Mr. Nehal Ashraf GM Maintenance and Utilities, Mr. Khalid Qadri, Manger Biomedical Engineering, Ms. Itrat Siddiqui , Nutritionist and others well know personalities of the hospital. At Dr. Ziauddin hospital, we have a conceptual framework that provides policy-makers and managers of all support services providing us a practical understanding of factors that affect healthcare service quality. Day 6: The last Day and Closing of the event. The main attraction of the day was the Poster Presentation, 60 posters were displayed all showing and depicting efforts and valuable inputs from nearly all the hospital support departments. The lively and color exhibition was very well appreciated by all the attendees. The Top 5 Posters were being given awards in form of Shield and Letters, while Cash prizes were also given accordingly. In ascending order Departments of Front Office, Human Resource, Infection Control Marketing and Fire Fighting and Maintenance stole the show away. The second attraction was, Departmental Player – Best Performance of the Year 2016 award and recognition. This was very well taken by everyone creating a very powerful impact and a true motivation. About 180 staff from the over all campuses were awarded the title being about the inspirational fragrance. Important talks of the day were given by Guest speaker Mr. EhteshamulHaq , Director Quality Operations, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals , speaking on Quality Matters in Health Care Industry, Dr. Inayat Ali Khan , Consultant Neurosurgeon , Dr. Ziauddin Hospital , Dr. Shehla Naqvi , GM and Group Head of Human Resource Department, Dr. Shireen Mansoor , Medical Superintendent Dr. Ziauddin hospital , and Dr. Sana Ansari Deputy Manager , Department of Quality Assurance. The most important insights of quality are the Six rules as shared by Dr. Inayat Ali Khan , Safe , Effective , Patient – Centered , Timely , Efficient , Equitable, thus keeping in view these elements and working to achieve outstanding performance we together as a team should focus on same , surely resulting to yield outstanding quality services to our patients. Well the whole week spoke of Quality in various dimensions and in different ways. It catered informative videos, quizzes, certificate distribution to the entire participant, Souvenir distribution and refreshments, on each day. Our main aim should be to implement such measures in which we become an honest reflection of Quality Management System because Quality Matters.