Pinch of Justice!

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By Syed M. Aslam

Just as perfect pinch of salt and yeast turn an otherwise ordinary bread into a delectable loaf the perfect pinch of justice is necessary for the creation of a society which is at peace with itself as well as the entire world. We must thank Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala profusely that the evasive and elusive perfect pinch of salt that has made the dough of laws- that have always been there but only for the weak and the meek- rise to perfection with the mouth-watering aroma to match. It is no secret that even with the best of flour, eggs, oil, butter, and utensils a bread without perfect pinch of salt and yeast could neither rise to perfection nor smell as aromatic as it should. The pinch of salt and yeast added to the dough of laws into that perfectly uniform mixture has sent many a powerful taking refuge in hospitals with the others running from pillar to post for the silver streak that could save them from the punishment of the crimes of commission and omission- mostly commission- including the ruthless pillage and plunder of national wealth and natural resources of the country and some 20 million of its people during the last four decades. Salute to those who worked hard not to let people forget that they a small bunch of most corrupt people passed off as democratically elected leaders have not only made them and the country a pauper but in the process have gobbled up the foreign and domestic loans and ultimately laundered billions of dollars overseas. The then Minister Water and Power and Minister Khawaja Asif, who accidently got promoted to Foreign minister, had consoled his master the disqualified prime minister Nawaz Sharif stating in the National Assembly that the people will soon forget about the ignominious Panama Papers about 20 months ago. This is so because by default the inebriated rulers are not just incapable to read the writing on the wall but they have always been blind to see the wall itself. Twenty months later today the perfect pinch of justice has started to bake the dough of the rule of law to perfection-both in term of perfect rise and sweetest aroma. Slow as it may appear, the nuts and bolts of laws are being tightened around those already in dock with those who pillaged and plundered this country and its people shuddering with the thought that they are the next on the list. These are great times indeed for us Pakistanis the majority of whom had lost all hope long ago for the day when the powerful members of the most unscrupulous ruling elitist untouchables could be brought to justice. The winds of change are blowing across Pakistan. The winds of change that are murmur that the time of reckoning for the ruling elite classes of this country has come. That the bells toll for the unscrupulous, corrupt, and indifferent rulers of past and present who destroyed every single institution of this country by unleashing the most corrupt coteries to siphon off every last drop of blood from the economic and financial veins of this great country which have everything but the honest, simple, and Allah-fearing rulers. Taking turns and looting the country and its people have become the favorite hobby and the pastime of the bunch passed off as leaders who have always misled and robbed the people this way or the other. The people who have been fleeced by the ruling elites for as long as they remember stand solidly behind the judiciary who has minced no words to call a spade a spade by openly declaring the unscrupulous politicians what they really are- the Sicilian mafia. The people of this country are also greatly indebted to six intrepid members of the Joint Investigation Team that probed what we call Panama Papers case today. That, however, should not let us lower our guards down because though much has been achieved since the surfacing of Panama Leaks some 20 months ago much more remains to be done to net those trying to pose as angels despite being no less unscrupulous than the prime minister kicked out for corruption. It’s time to get severe the nexus between politics and crimes for good. An across the board accountability without fear or favor of course could help achieve that goal because every single political party and leadership has make a habit of selling the aspirations of the people like a prostitute but has also brought nothing but ignominy to the proud, hard working, and mostly honest Pakistanis the life style of whose leaders could make even their counterparts in the most developed nation green with envy. The people of this country have waited for the thick and fast retribution of the unscrupulous ruling elites for long. They want the law to take its course and justice be served because they know that what passes for democracy here in our part of the world is really kleptocracy and organized crime. Many of the poster boys and girls of the Gucci political dynasties have already been declared imposters with notices pasted on their palace-like expansive estates within the country and multimillion dollars luxury flats and apartments overseas. Many of the budding poster boys and girls on the opposite side of the political spectrum- a division of connivance to fool the people of this country as if there is real opposition here- are imposters-in-waiting because they would have to declare their assets if they chose to contest elections or become a member of Senate. Yes, this is an emerging Pakistan which refuses to be ruled by a criminalized-politics of the yester years. The long awaited perfect pinch of justice has put us on the course of miraculous cure from the malaise of corruption and corrupt leadership. What we need is more of the same without any break.

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