Religion a matter between individual and Almighty: DG ISPR

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By Staff Reporter

KARACHI: DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has said there are no safe havens in the country as our armed forces have successfully eliminated their sanctuaries. Addressing at Karachi University (KU) yesterday, he said fundamentalism even exist in west and India as it has various forms. DG ISPR said that geographically global economy is linked with Pakistan. “There are no safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan but there are terrorists in the country,” he said. He said forcing your views on others is called fundamentalism and Muslim should show his believes by actions not slogans. He was of the opinion that the world will recognize us if we spend our lives according to the Islamic values. DG ISPR said that security forces are being targeted in the first attempt to destroy any country. He informed the students that forces started to clear the areas after completion of Operation Zarb-e-Azb. He clearly announced that there is not militant hideout in the country. Online “I am also a fundamentalist but not every fundamentalist is a terrorist,” said DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor. “If I’m someone who wants everyone to view the world through my perspective, then I will not be called a fundamentalist, but an extremist,” the DG explained. “If I force others to agree to my ideologies, then I would be called as the one who is prone to violence or terrorism.” The DG stressed, “I do not have to prove to the world that I am a Muslim, it is between me and the Almighty.” In order to be Muslims, he added, we don’t have to chant slogans, but prove, through our deeds, what we believe in. “If we adhere to the principles of Islam, the world will recognize Pakistan as an Islamic country.” Court fiasco doesn’t portend clash of institutions, says ISPR Pakistan, he stressed, is one of the most beautiful creations of the Almighty and it is valued the most geographically as well. “When someone wants destruction of a country, then it targets its security forces first.” The DG termed it fortunate to be able to visit the campus, saying he was surprised to notice the number of women students being relatively higher than men. “It was said that Soviet Union’s arrival in Afghanistan posed a threat to Islam,” Maj Gen Ghafoor said. “The Soviet [Union] was ousted with the assistance of the US.” However, he added, the US launched an attack on Afghanistan following 9/11. “When those fighting the US did not find refuge [in Afghanistan], they entered Pakistan.” The DG said, “we successfully completed Operation Zarb-e-Azb; we systematically cleansed our areas of terrorists and today, there are no safe havens of terrorists in the country.”

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