KWSB to solve sewerage problem at Airport: Waseem

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By Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Mayor Waseem Akhtar said yesterday that efforts were being made to solve issues pertaining to the Pakistan Railways and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board which were delaying the completion of a road from Airport to Quaidabad. He said this while talking to reporters during a visit to the under-construction road along with Karachi Commissioner Aijaz Khan and KWSB Managing Director Hashim Zaidi. He said that commuters as well as residents were facing great hardships owing to regular traffic jams caused by the construction work of the road that had taken a long time but was still not complete. He said one of the major causes of the delay was sewage that inundated the area and it required a permanent solution. The KWSB should try to fulfil its responsibility of sewage disposal, he added. KWSB chief Zaidi said that the PC-1 of this project had been prepared and sent for approval. The mayor said that a lot of time and fuel was wasted because of frequent traffic jams on this spot. The people felt that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation was not doing its job, but in reality the construction work of the road had almost been completed and work on this particular spot was delayed because of issues relating to the KWSB. The commissioner said that he would take up the issue with Railways’ authorities so that it could be solved at the earliest. The mayor said that he would also take up the issue with the Railways for an early solution. Mayor Akhtar said that the KMC would not complete the road without first solving the sewage issue because the road would be ruined as soon as sewage inundated it and the people would hold KMC responsible for the poor work. Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Arshad Vohra said that the KMC was facing a deficit of over Rs200 million per month due to which sometimes even salaries and pension to the employees could not be reimbursed on time. Speaking at a meeting of the fire brigade at his office on Friday, he said that the financial crunch was going to be worsening as an additional shortfall of over Rs100m would be created owing to the recent increase in salaries. He lauded the services of the fire brigade in saving life and property of the people.

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