Karachiites suffer as 14-hour power outages hit city

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By Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Amid soaring temperature, Karachiites are suffering more than 14 hours of power outage in several parts of the city, without any prior intimation, the K-electric has increased the timing of loadshedding that caused tremendous problems and incurring severe public outrage. The sweltering metropolis of more than 25 million people generating more than half of country’s national revenues and was the home to the stock exchange, the central bank and a giant port. Earllier on Tuesday, the Sindh Assembly adopted a resolution tabled by a PTI lawmaker, through a majority vote against unprecedented power loadshedding in the province. The resolution recommended to the Government of Sindh to consider providing relief to the general public who are facing prolonged power cuts. The resolution stated, “The Govt of Sindh may also provide tariff differential support to NCPPs (New Captive Power Plants) that hold valid gas allocation and are willing to install new power plants before the summer of 2018 in order to reduce the looming menace of loadshedding further, and provide much-needed relief to the people of Sindh.” In his statement on the floor of the house, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said the province had been subjected to extended hours of power loadshedding in the midst of summer season while the holy month of Ramazan was also approaching. He disclosed that Sindh would adopt its mechanism to distribute electricity on its own so that electricity loadshedding in the affected areas would be reduced by six to seven hours.

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