Govt releases Rs50b to reduce electricity shortfall

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By Staff Reporter
KARACHI: In the wake of escalating electricity loadshedding, the government here yesterday has issued Rs.50 billion to control power shortfall that has reached 4700 megawatts.
It is pertinent to mention here that the traumatizing power cuts were gradually increasing across the country despite various claims by the government authorities regarding elimination of loadshedding in 2018. The urban areas were facing power outages of ten hours whereas the rural areas were witnessing electricity cut upto fourteen hours.
On the other hand, residents living in North Karachi, Baldia Town, Landhi and Mahmoodabad are irked by the dearth of water. Earlier, Federal Minister for Power and Water Khawaja Asif, while presenting government’s stance said that the electric shortfall was temporary and situation would be contained in first week of April.
“Two power plants have been closed owing to technical issues whereas routine repair work is underway in four others. All of them will be operational by April 15. We will curtail 2300MW of power shortfall in first week of April”, stated Asif.
Further, Gallup and Gilani Pakistan carried out a survey according to which 69 percent Pakistanis said that the government is making serious efforts to solve the energy crisis in the country. While 31% said that the efforts of the government are wastage of time and money.

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