Types of belly: Which one is yours?

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Losing weight is never a cake walk, especially when it comes to belly fat. There are times when despite taking extra efforts, we often feel that our body is resisting to lose weight. Whether we keep a tab on our calorie intake, pound the pavements or rely on high protein breakfast, nothing seems to work on this adamant area. The reasons may vary but the result is an unwanted paunch. However, not many of us know that there are certain types of belly that are not the result of excess weight. Let’s discover if you have one of these: Fat on the sides Also referred to as love handles, this type of belly is mainly the result of sedentary lifestyle, sweet tooth, alcohol consumption and excess intake of processed sugary and starchy items. In this type of belly fat, you will feel cushions on the sides of your belly. If you want to get rid of these love handles, then follow these tips: Limit alcohol consumption: Consuming alcohol in excess can lead to pot belly and side fat. Drink in moderation so that it should not affect your body. Reduce intake of sugary and starchy foods: Rely on fresh fruits and vegetables rather than bingeing on processed foods. These sugary foods not only impact your health but also give you unwanted body fat. Workout: Workout regime should be diligently followed so as to shed extra body fat. If you want to get rid of side belly fat then do lunges, squats, reverse push-ups, bicycle crunches and Russian twist. Fat around the belly button This belly fat is also referred to as stress belly. This fat is thick and mostly accumulated around the belly button. The reason this fat is called stress belly is because it is caused by chronic stress. Missing meals, excess intake of caffeinated beverages, consuming unhealthy foods are a few causes responsible for this belly fat. You may get rid of this stress belly by following these tips: Reduce your stress level: Practising meditation, sleeping adequately and taking an expert advice (if required) can help in reducing your stress levels. Watch what you are eating: Limit your caffeine intake and reduce eating processed foods in your diet. Healthy eating definitely helps in improving your appetite and metabolism. Consume magnesium enriched foods: Magnesium is a mineral that relaxes stress level. Include magnesium rich foods like dark green vegetables, nuts etc. in your daily diet. Exercise but don’t overexert: Avoid overdoing any exercise. Follow a workout regime that calms you. You can walk, do yoga and go for a gym session but don’t overdo it.–Agencies

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