Insanely WRONG health advices women often get

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Health isn’t a DIY. There are many free of cost advisers on the net or in the neighbourhood who might whisper health tips at night to you. You may almost be convinced to try them and they may seem like the best bet to go with. But, here’s what you must do instead – just forget them and erase them from your memory. So, women, forget that anyone ever gave you the following six health advices and your life will get much better.

NEVER GO OUT IN THE SUN WITHOUT A SUNSCREEN: Being fair may sure be deemed lovely and you may be told to become a boogeyman whenever you see sunlight, you must and need to spend some time outdoors without the sunscreen. Almost a majority of India is vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency is related to many health conditions such as impaired immunity, increase in risk of asthma, heart ailments and even various cancers. So, what can cure this deficiency? Merely being in the sun for 45 minutes in a week! How tough is that anyway?

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE PAINFUL SEX, IT IS JUST SEX: Sex does NOT have to mean pain, even if you are over your menopause. There are various reasons sex can hurt and painful sex is not natural. To know where you can be going wrong, read here. If you are past menopause and sex is painful, there are a whole range of lists why your GP may not bring it up to you. However, it isn’t a subject you should shy away from. Vaginal dryness post menopause is as real as menopause itself and to enjoy a healthy sex life post menopause, you must bring it up to your doctor.

THE BEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT IS TO EAT AS LESS AS POSSIBLE AND WORK OUT: Weight loss is not simply about getting into a calorie deficit. There are many other factors you need to consider before you go for this formula of weight loss. Many a times, physicians simply give you a diet and work out plan without getting your hormone levels checked. Many women may have a condition of hyperthyroidism and this can be the culprit behind an unexplained weight gain. Also, starving and not serving your body’s nutritional needs will only lead to a weaker immunity, duller skin and a declining sense of wellbeing.–Agencies

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