Herbal pastes and oil massages to colour your grey hair, naturally

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Tired of applying chemical dyes to colour your grey hair?? Here are a few homemade pastes and mixes that you can use to naturally colour your hair. Natural colouring causes less damage to the hair say experts.Skin care expert Vasundhra Ravi suggests a few oil massages and herbal mixes to darken your hair. “They will not darken your hair like a chemical mix, but they will colour your hair and help keep it healthy,” she says. HOMEMADE OIL Take 50ml coconut oil, 50ml gingelly oil and 50ml olive oil. Mix all these and heat on low flame. In kadai, spurt 10gm mustard, 20gm curry leaves, 20gm dry amla and 20 henna leaves. Saute till they are almost dry . Now, add the oil and heat this mixture for another 10 minutes. Store it in an airtight bottle and keep it in direct sunlight for four days. Let the ingredients settle at the base. Now, use this oil and massage your scalp and hair every day. This oil helps darken your greying hair. HENNA PASTE Make a paste out of henna and apply over the hair for two hours and rinse. After a few hours, mix 100g of indigo (auri) powder with warm water and make a paste. Apply this paste all over the hair. Leave it on for 45 minutes and rinse. You will be surprised to see that your grey hair has turned black to an extent. Apply this paste once a week. HAIR PACK Make your own hair darkening pack by mixing the following together: henna leaves 50gm, aloe vera gel 20ml, haritaki or kadukkai skin 5gm, fresh seedless amla 20gm. Grind all the above to a smooth paste, add the juice of half a lemon to this mixture and apply on the hair. Apply 10ml olive oil on hair prior to applying this pack. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse to get a reddish-brown tint to your hair.–Agencies

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