Your blood type and its health risks: What does it mean?

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We all know our blood type but what we don’t know is that apart from keeping us prepared for unexpected health emergencies, knowing your blood type can also reveal the health risks we are prone to. Science says that every blood group has unique characteristics.

There are different antigens (foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body) on the surface of red blood cells. This makes every blood type resistant to one type of disease and vulnerable to some other disease.

HEART DISEASES: People with O blood group have a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease. Those with blood type AB and B have the greater risk of developing heart diseases.

ULCERS: O blood type is more susceptible to developing the risk of ulcers as compared to other blood groups. They are likely to develop stomach ulcers.

BLOOD CLOT: People with type A and B blood group are at a 30 per cent risk of inheriting this condition. And people who have O blood group have a lower risk of blood clotting. Also, AB blood type has 20 per cent risk of this health condition.

GASTRIC CANCER: People with O blood group are relatively at a lower risk of developing gastric cancer. But all other blood types, especially blood type A have a greater chance of developing gastric cancer.

PANCREATIC CANCER: Again, O blood type has a lower chance of developing pancreatic cancer. Whereas people with A blood group have 32 per cent and AB blood type have 51 per cent risk of developing pancreatic cancer.–Agencies

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