Best exercises for a healthy digestive system

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Our digestive system is an intrinsic network of masterfully crafted and designed organs, which work tirelessly to keep us well says Mickey Mehta, India’s leading holistic health guru. He adds, “This, of course is subject to what we eat and how well we stimulate these organs with exercises.” He shares more on how to maintain a healthy digestive system. Know your body Three main factors keep a human body and mind at peace: aahar (the food that we eat), vihar (the way we exercise our body), and vishram (sleep and relaxation). The human body, which is controlled by the balance between the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), is dependent on one’s lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can correct, purify, and rejuvenate your body, whereas an unhealthy one can damage the system. Regular exercise and conscious breathing (pranayama), which works on the digestive system as a gentle massage, have a favorable effect on the digestion. They activate the digestive enzymes and the bowel movement. Regular exercise is good for circulation, and it stimulates and energizes the nervous, endocrine, and muscular systems. It helps by removing all energy blocks, working holistically on your health. Best workouts for a healthy digestive system You must work out under proper guidance and include a combination of warm ups, stretches, and contractions through yoga, Pilates, and cardio workouts. Exercises such as backward and forward bends, spinal twist, pawan mukthasan, suryanamaskar, cat- pose, sethubandhasana, swimming, and cycling target the abdominal muscles. –Agencies

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