Karachi Woes

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Karachi is port city and provincial capital of Sindh. This city has been facing numerous complicated problems directly related to the common people including health, education, hygiene, cleanliness , poor law and order besides land grabbing.

Every morning and evening people are compelled to travel on rooftops of rickety mini-buses. This poses a threat to their lives.

Another problem is the non-availability of clean drinking water. People buy water tankers almost in every part of the city, and the government has chosen to overlook the problem.

Karachi city lacks proper and modern traffic system due to which traffic jams are  rampart in many areas of  the city ,this result in increased number of roads accidents and loss of precious live  on the one hand and loss of time on the other .

Moreover, there are heaps of garbage everywhere. Every small and big drain is full of garbage, and if gutters and drains are cleared, the garbage is left on the same place without being removed.

There is no check on the price hike of daily edible items. Traders are free to overcharge.

Wareesha Waheed Khan

Department of Sociology, University of Karachi

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