Guest Messages

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  S
Waseem Akhtar Mayor Karachi
Waseem-AkhtarI am grateful to the media members especially for the newspaper daily National Courier which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I offer my congratulation in advance. This newspaper has contributed very positively to convey true news to the government and general people. Print media has a vital role in serving the nation. I hope in future too this role would be continued in accordance with the democratic norms and I wish great success for ‘National Courier’.

Iftikhar Ali Malik Chairman, Guard Group

IftikharI am very happy and glad to hear that your newspaper National Courier has completed 10 successful years this year and it is indeed a matter of joy. All this is solely because of everyone’s handwork and co-operation. Without the co-operation of all the staffs, reporters and editors seeing this day would have surely been impossible. Your daily “National Courier” today, is one among one of the widely circulated newspaper and the credit for that, solely goes to hard work of entire team. A hearty congratulate the management and team for making National Courier reach such a great height. Also I hope the newspaper will reach greater heights than this in the future and hope it keeps entertaining passionate readers as it has been doing since a decade.

TeliSiraj Kassam Teli Chairman Pakistan Beverages (Pvt) Limited
I am very happy to know that your daily newspaper “Daily National Courier” has completed 10 years of its regular publication and I congratulate your editor / publisher, management and the staff, especially the reporters on achieving this goal.  I still remember the day when you cherished first time to start up with this publication and its seems as if it was hardly few years, but a decade has passed in a blink of an eye. Your editor, publisher and rest of your team’s hard work and talent, untiring efforts and enthusiasm has achieved this honor and I truly pray for more successful years in future . I hope your newspaper will grow in terms of content as well as circulation and  compete with the big names of the newspaper industry.

AqeelAqeel Karim Dhedhi Chairman, AKD Group
It gives me immense pleasure having come to know that Daily National Courier has achieved the decade of continuous publication with the commitment and zeal of true Journalistic efforts despite going through all the challenges to attain this goal. It is a great moment for the Editor / Publisher and the staff of Daily National Courier, who not only highlighting the business community, political issues and keeping in view all the legalities confronted by the print media, accomplished the task of this incessant publication. I extend my heartiest congratulation to the Management and staff of this Daily and pray for their best and widespread future of circulation and readership.