Zardari pleasing someone else: Nawaz Sharif

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From Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, during appearance in Islamabad’s Accountability Court, briefly spoke to reporters in the courtroom, claiming that he is being punished for no reason. “What charges are on me? Have I gained any kickback in any contract? The Supreme Court judges have already clarified that this not a corruption, but the fact is that I’m being penalized for eradicating terrorism and load-shedding, for investment in the CPEC and for restoring peace in Karachi,” Sharif said. Replying to a question about PPP leader Asif Zardari’s tirade against him, Sharif said “Zardari is doing all this to appease someone, isn’t it mockery of the democracy? He is doing nothing but some adventure.” He was of the view that all democratic forces should unite under one principle.

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