‘Will fight till end’

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From Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif bolstered by support from within vowed to fight till end in past, governments had been toppled in the country on accusations of corruption and being a ‘security risk’ in the past. PM Nawaz was chairing the parliamentary meeting of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz here yesterday at PM house where legislators were invited after a long time. The Premier greeted by thunderous applause by the MNA’s reiterated his decision not to step down on the call of opposition, saying that he would continue “to fight for the people of Pakistan till the end”. Nawaz Sharif went on to say that he had done nothing wrong and his conscience was clear. Members of the parliamentary party overwhelmingly participated in the meeting, summoned to chalk out strategy in response to the opposition’s calls for the premier’s resignation following the submission of the Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report in the Supreme Court. Sources said at the beginning of the meeting, legal experts gave a briefing on the JIT report and the government’s potential response in the Supreme Court. On Thursday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while chairing meeting of federal cabinet explicitly dismissed JIT report that has raised questions about the source of his family´s wealth, rejecting it as slander. Nawaz Sharif, serving his third term as prime minister, faces opposition calls to step down but he was defiant in his condemnation of the report that alleges his family´s income from business was not large enough to explain its wealth. Amid loud thumping of desks by the Federal Cabinet members, confident and resolute Prime Minister said he was not going to resign and those seeking his resignation must come up with solid proof against him. “I have no burden on my conscience by the grace of Allah. I haven’t done anything wrong. Our family has gained nothing from politics but lost a lot,” he said.

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