PTM to refrain from raising anti-state slogans


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From Our Correspondent

PESHAWAR: After a breakthrough in talk with tribal elders, the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) has agreed not to raise any anti-state slogans, or instigate against the armed forces and other national institutions.

PTM also agreed to call off its political gathering which was scheduled to be held on the third day of Eid in Razmak, South Waziristan, and the protests it had announced in Wana, Mir Ali, and other areas to demand the release of its workers.

The breakthrough was made during in a tribal Jirga held in the courtyard of former lawmaker Shahji Gul Afridi in Hayatabad area here, and was attended by several prominent leaders including Malik Khan Marjan, Ajmal Khan Wazir, former lawmaker Shah Farman and PTM leader Mohsin Dawar.

The meeting agreed that no one from the PTM would be allowed to chant anti-state slogans or instigate against the armed forces, and the campaign against state institutions on social media would also be stopped immediately.

Both sides also agreed to reach the talks to its logical conclusion as they desired peace and stability in the region. The government representatives also assured that all detained PTM workers detained would be released soon.

Tribal leader Ajmal Wazir has said that negotiations were under way since several weeks but a breakthrough was reached two days ago.

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