PML-N, PTI responsible for ‘foul’ politics: Bilawal

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From Our Correspondent

PESHAWAR: I have never seen a man as clever and wicked as Imran Khan, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto has said. “Imran Khan’s slogan of change is a farce,” party’s chairman told supporters at a public meeting organised at Kohat road, Peshawar here yesterday. “There’s no bigger liar than Khan; he is an anarchist”, he added. He accused Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf of turning the politics in Pakistan ‘foul’. Bilawal added that Khan would resort to any tactics to shift from his residence in Bani Gala to Prime Minister’s House. Political parties are campaigning for the election scheduled in the NA-4 Peshawar constituency on October 26. The seat fell vacant as former MNA Gulzar Khan of PTI passed away in August. “Where is the change that Khan is oft-quoted for,” he asked. “PTI chief’s billion-tree tsunami project did not yield anything; Khan instead got wealthier.” How can a man who has no control over what he says can lead a profound nation such as Pakistan’s, Bilawal questioned. He went on to accuse the PTI chief of using KP’s resources to propel his politics in Sindh and Punjab. “Imran is bent upon coming into power at all costs.” Had there been any real progress, he continued, millions of people would have been employed and there would have been prosperity in the province. “The PTI-led KP government did not set up a single hospital in the past four years,” he added. Taking a jibe at former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Bilawal said he did not step down until the top court removed him from power. “Now the incompetent government of disqualified Sharif is deceiving people, and is spending from the public exchequer to reestablish their image.” He blamed Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Tehreek-e-Insaf for filthy politics in Pakistan. Bilawal asked his supporters to make their choice wisely and elect the right person in the forthcoming poll to lead them.

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