Not part of any ‘Greater Plan’: CJP

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LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar yesterday said that judiciary is not part of any “ Greater Plan “ and any such perception must ends .

Addressing a seminar in Lahore, CJP hit out at those criticising the judiciary for  judgments that they deemed “unfavourable”.

Referring to the judiciary using the analogy of  baba (village elder), he said: “The judiciary is your baba […] do not doubt its integrity,” he said.

In an apparent reference to recent statements by Speaker National Assembly of some ‘grand plan; against democracy and its institutions,  he said, “If a decision is issued against you, don’t abuse [the judiciary] by saying the baba has become a part of a design or a grand plan.”

“The baba has not and will not become a part [of a plan].”

The chief justice said those against whom a judgement has been issued have the right to criticise the reason behind the verdict, but he questioned the insinuations of the “judiciary being part of a plan” or “being under pressure”.

He said that no one dictated the court on what line to take in deciding a case. He said that the judgements on the petitions against Khan and Tareen were announced on Friday because he has a “passion” to announce judgment reserved within a month.

“If someone had been able to dictate [the judges], the Hudaibya judgment would not have turned out the way it did,” he pointed out.

“All the judges are independent and can take their own decisions.”

He acknowledged the delay in the judicial process, saying some “not very competent judges” are responsible for the delay besides multiplication of litigation and expensive litigation in cases. An efficient training programme is necessary for judges, he concluded.

Stressing on the importance of democracy, Justice Nisar said that the judiciary  would  protect the Constitution and would continue to uphold democracy.

Justice Nisar said he will listen to the underprivileged plaintiffs of the country once the “political dirt gets cleaned by laundry of the Supreme Court”.  Denouncing the petitions with political motives consuming precious time of apex court he said “Judiciary was entangled in Nawaz, Imran, Tareen and forgot its real goals.

The judiciary and lawyers will have to make joint efforts to improve judicial system, he said begging for support from lawyers community.

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