‘No connections with establishment whatsoever’

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By Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal has denied reports that he was a part of the establishment, saying he has no connections with it whatsoever. “Yes, I am a man of the establishment and my establishment is God,” Kamal said while addressing a crowd on Karachi’s MA Jinnah Road. The PSP chief lauded his supporters in the rally, saying people in Karachi have broken the stereotype that they only support those who speak Urdu, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-London and its founder Altaf Hussain. He added that there was a “narrative” that people of Karachi are “obsessed” with MQM. Kamal asserted that people of Karachi are well-informed and support educated lawmakers. “Today, you have shown that,” Kamal added, saying Karachiites do not follow MQM blindly. The former Karachi mayor also told his supporters that by attending today’s rally, they gad proved that the people of Karachi do not want “isolation” as purported in the “narrative”. “[They say] Urdu-speaking people do not want to mix with people from other ethnicities but today you proved them wrong,” Kamal said, adding that an amalgam of people of various ethnic backgrounds came together in the metropolis to attend the PSP rally.

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