Nawaz arouses Lahore crowd for revolution

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From Our Correspondent

LAHORE: Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s caravan arrived here from Gujranwala late yesterday, the fourth and last day of his ‘homecoming’ rally, which had set off from Islamabad on August 9. “Have you accepted Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification?” he asked supporters while making a brief stop at Shahdara. “Everybody said they did not accept the [Supreme Court’s] decision,” he told the gathered crowd. Meanwhile, a large gathering of PML-N loyalists had amassed at Data Darbar, choking the area. “What am I seeing today in Lahore?” Nawaz Sharif said as he started his address to the mammoth crowd at Data Darbar. “I have never seen anything like this before.” “You made me a prime minister, and five people — five people — disqualified me,” the deposed prime minister said, stepping into his stump speech for the rally. “Tell me, is their verdict acceptable to you?” he asked, to loud shouts of dissent. “No! This is unacceptable to us!” he said. “Will you stand with me as we bring a revolution to Pakistan? It is August 14 day after tomorrow: remember the sacrifices of the people who made Pakistan. We have to honour their sacrifices. They must be rolling in their graves at what we have done with this country,” he said. “I will never forget the love I have received on this trip. I promise to bring forth my [new] programme [manifesto] on August 14, and I have full faith you will back me when I do,” he said.

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