Five Navy officers sentenced to death in dockyard attack case

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By Staff Reporter KARACHI: Five suspects, all naval officers, were sentenced to death in the PNS Zulfiqar attack case yesterday. Irfanullah, Mohammad Hammad, Arsalan Nazeer and Hashim Naseer and Sub-Lieutenant Hammad Ahmed are suspects who stand accused of planning and orchestrating the Septmeber 6, 2014 attack on PNS Zulfiqar. On that day, an attempt by a group of rogue Navy officers attacked the naval dockyard in an attempt to seize important locations of the naval base.  However, a timely operation by security forces thwarted their attempt. Four people killed in the attempt to hijack the PNS Zulfiqar were serving sub-lieutenants, according to police reports then seen by news agency Reuters. The suspects had been arrested trying to flee the country for Afghanistan on September 21, 2014, fifteen days after the attack.  The lawyer for the accused persons stated that an appeal would be made at the Naval Appeal Court against the decision after details of the crime, trial and execution are disclosed. “The naval headquarters have not provided details of the crime, trial and the punishment,” Advocate Inam said. Hence, Sub-Lieutenant Hammad Ahmad’s father got to know about the death sentence during a meeting with his son.

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