5 judges ousted me in a minute: Nawaz

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From Our Correspondent

RAWALPINDI: Former PM Nawaz Sharif yesterday lambasted the former military dictators who ruled the country for most of its history and the Supreme Court judges who failed to hold them accountable for subverting the constitution. Nawaz who lead a mammoth rally from the federal capital to his hometown Lahore in defiance after being disqualified by the Supreme Court of Pakistan was addressing his supporters at Jhelum , a major city along the GT Road. “Millions of people elect their leader and five honorable judges disqualify him with a stroke of pen. They ousted me in just a minute. Can you tolerate this ?. Even those judges said Nawaz Sharif didn’t indulge in corruption,” he said asking the people to raise the question as to why their leader was disqualified when he was not involved in corruption. “People of Jhelum should ask why was Nawaz ousted. There is no stain of corruption, my hands are clean,” said Nawaz , who was elected thrice but couldn’t complete his term even once. “Why did you oust me. I want to ask, when I have no stain of corruption on me. Somebody should tell me whether I was ousted because I was putting Pakistan on the path of progress, because investment was pouring in, load shedding was receding , peace was coming back and youth were getting jobs,” Nawaz Sharif said counting development projects under him. No prime minister could complete his tenure in the seventy years . People are being exploited. You elect people and a dictator and judges tear the ballot and throw in your face.Every prime minister had 1.5 years in the office on an average. Dictators had ruled for 10 years. They ran away on the pretext of backache. Is there any court that could punish those dictators. “They subverted constitution. Judges give them legitimacy. “This nation would hold dictators and all those who subjected them to cruelty accountable. If you stand by me, this country would survive. I wouldn’t say get me reinstated,

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