I never enjoyed unnecessary publicity: Sohai

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National Courier Report

Having stolen our hearts with various roles, Sohai Ali Abro is a force to be reckoned with. A very talented actress who is currently categorised among one of the top actors of Pakistan. After appearing in JPNA, Sohai has now bagged the lead role in motorcycle girl’s biopic who is said to be the first Pakistan woman to have made a solo journey through the country’s north. The fame wasn’t really instant since I had been working for a couple of years before my film debut. I don’t feel that fame has changed me as a person. It just gave me the determination to perform better and become the best version of myself,” she said when questioned her momentary rise to stardom. “I had a difficult childhood with my parents passing away when I was 9. I have seen really tough times and I’m very grateful for everything, because it made me this tough woman that I am today. I am a warrior! I came into this industry completely on my own,” she continued. “I faced my fair share of struggles and didn’t have many people around to guide me through the journey. I might not be as talented as a lot of others but I am a hard worker. With all this in mind, it is really important for me to stay grounded because life and experiences have taught me that. Nothing is constant in this world, especially fame,” she added.

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