Hania Amir signs another mega film!

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National Courier Report

After signing on to Parvaaz Hai Junoon, the young actor has also been roped in to play the leading lady of the Na Maloom Afraad sequel. “I’ll be playing the leading lady in it,” says Hania. Speaking to Images, Hania revealed that her character is a “girl who’s been brought up abroad in South Africa” and is romantically involved with one of the main characters. For Hania, this offer couldn’t get any better. She says, “Ever since I saw Actor-In-Law I became a huge Nabeel Qureshi fan. It became a dream of mine to work with him. It’s so crazy that the day after I saw that movie I was gushing to a friend about how I’d love to work with this director and then a week after that I was being asked to come for Na Maloom Afraad 2. I just couldn’t believe it.” Hania admits that she was a little starstruck when she met Nabeel for the first time. “I immediately told him, ‘Listen, I am a fan and I am starstuck right now. Don’t talk to me like a normal person, I am such a fan.”

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