‘The Circle’ about what internet hopes to become: Tom

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Tom Hanks said his film ‘The Circle’ shows how sometimes good ideas can translate into a scary reality. Hanks plays the role of a visionary, Bailey, in the James Ponsoldt-directed internet thriller that released in India today. Emma Watsonalso stars in the movie. “Bailey is one of the three founding fathers of ‘The Circle’. He is the visionary, the idea man, not the fictional guy and not the tech guy. He is the guy who dreams big,” Hanks said in a statement. The actor said his film is an exploration of how the internet can become this unmanageable giant. “‘The Circle’ is that great thing that the internet hopes to be and wants to be and dear God I hope it never becomes,” Hanks said, adding that like “a lot of very good ideas it can translate into living in a totalitarian dystopia.” —AFP

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