I am always been pampered one: Sonakshi

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Sonakshi Sinha on family and relationships. Always! It still is to some extent. Being the youngest, I was always pampered by my parents. So my brothers used to take the task of disciplining me in their hands. They believed I was always treated better than them.But honestly, I grew up as a tomboy.It was great growing up with two elder brothers who were always looking out for you. No, not at all. There is no competition between us; we are one unit. We do everything together as family.We’ve been raised to think that way. And it’s not like they aren’t involved with what I’m doing. I told you I was always the pampered one. My mother (Poonam Sinha) tells me they prayed for a girl because they had two boys already. And when I was born, I got all the attention by default. I guess that would always be the case. Even after I’m married, my father will still believe I’m his little girl and how I can have a husband. When it’s fixed, I will announce it to the world. I don’t believe things like these should be hidden. I’m too involved with my work to even consider marriage.

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