PTI MNA slams Imran for ‘undemocratic’ intra-party election

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From Our Correspondent

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA from D I Khan cum Tank Dawar Khan Kundi on Tuesday rejected what he called an “undemocratic nominations” for intra-party election scheduled for June 11. In a strongly-worded letter to PTI chairman Imran Khan, Kundi writes, “I am very shocked to know that PTI Intra party elections are going to be held in the worst undemocratic manner ever seen in any party.” “A fool can see that PTI is going to select the same cabinet in all four provinces which were selected six months before by You (Imran Khan) and Jahangir Tareen and all were handpicked,” he added. “Is this the PTI you had promised us on oath so many times and Allah ko Hazir Nazir jan kar.” Addressing Imran Khan, he said, “Chairman sab this is sheer violation of the spirit of PTI and its manifesto…You had forced all good people to leave the party and you are making all the corrupts joining PTI.” He further said Imran Khan does not want anybody to question the legitimacy of his foul decisions, adding, “No chairman sab…I object. I am not going to accept this kind of foul play in PTI.

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