New religious group warns govt

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From Wasim Kambo

ISLAMABAD: Guardians of different shrines across the country formed a new alliance named ‘Mutahidda Ulema Mushaikh Council’ (MUMC) and warned the government to bring forward those who attempted to change Khatam-e-Nabuwwat clause.

According to reports, agreement signed to call of Faizabad sit-in has given a new spirit to religious bandits and these groups were trying to make alliances at different levels.

Three days ago, Mutahidda Ulema Mushaikh Council (MUMC) held an emergency meeting with guardians of different shrines and announced new religious pressure group while warning government to take action against those officials who were responsible of changing in oath taking and Khatam-e-Nabuwwat clause within in three to four days.

After the meeting, President MUMC, Pir Khawaja Ata Ullah Tounsvi talking to Morning Mail said that Pir Hameed ud-Din Siyalvi only demanded resignation of Punjab’s interior minister, Rana Sanaullah while MUMC demanded of the government to terminate Rana Sanaullah without any delay otherwise guardians of different shrines will use their influence for resignations of MPAs and MNAs in their respective areas.

“We firmly believe that 65 MNAs will tender their resignations on our order,” he mentioned resolvedly.

“If guardians of different shrines take to roads then whole country would be jammed and then termination of whole government would be demanded not only of Snanullah,” President MUMC added.

Khawaja Ata Ullah said that government has been informed about the decision taken unanimously that no dialogue will be held now and government should clarify its stance as to what measures were taken against those who tried to change Khatam-e-Nabuwwat clause overnight.

‘Instead of making him an example, government is trying to oblige Zahid Hamid and we have learnt that he is being nominating ambassador to a foreign country so we don’t expect anything good from this government,’ he lambasted.

He added that Pir Hameed ud Din is taking firm stand of his words with the backing of guardians of shrines, adding “if government did not take one resign then we will present resignations of 65 MNAs and 25 MPAs”, he ended.

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