Kashmir ‘land of martyrs, Ghazis’: AJK President

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From Our Correspondent

Islamabad: Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir said that “we owe our freedom to selfless sacrifices of our brave and courageous ancestors.” The President made these remarks while addressing the “Shuhada” Conference held in honor of the great sacrifices of Sardar Sabaz Ali Khan and Milli Khan here at Mung, Sudhnoti yesterday. Prime Minster AJK Raja Farooq Haider, Dr. Najeeb Naqi, Minister Finance AJK, Abdul Khaliq Wasi, Member Kashmir Council, scholars and leaders from various political parties also addressed the gathering at Mung. The President said it was an honor to address such an august gathering in the land of martyrs and *ghazis*. He said that during the time of the tyrannical Dogra Regime the people of Kashmir had selflessly laid down their lives in this noble cause. During the rebellion of 1832, the greatest of sacrifice came from Sabaz Ali Khan, Malli Khan and others who faced the oppressive Dogra forces and were eventually flayed alive, he said. This, he said was display of absolute and extraordinary commitment and convection by these brave souls who have been the source of inspiration and influence for generations to come.

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