Four Ferrari commanders lay down weapons

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SIBI: At least four Ferrari commanders of banned BRA surrendered to the authorities and pledged to work for country’s progress and prosperity, and they also surrendered huge weapons. It was for the first time that the UBA Ferraris had surrenders to the authorities. They belonged to Kohlu and were involved in terrorist activities in Punjab and Balochistan for the last 12 years. According to details Ferrari Commander of BRA Jamal Khan alias Bodla laid down weapons along with 9 accomplices in Dera Bugti yesterday. Chief of Bugti Khan Muhammad Masoori Bugti and officers of intelligence agencies were also present on the occasion. Chief of Bugti Khan Muhammad Bugti speaking on the occasion said that aware people of Balochistan should not fall prey to foreign propaganda and do not destroy future of their children. The authorities said that Pakistan was an independent country and they were countrymen, and should come and end their anger and guide nation and country by becoming proud son of Pakistan. He said Pakistan had come into existence for ever and we would render all sorts of scarifies for its security, prosperity and progress. It country needed our blood we would give last drop of our blood. Ferrari commander Jamal Khan Bugti said that we are thankful to Pakistan Army and Government of Balochistan who accord respect to us. We have taken oath on Quran to remain loyal to Pakistan till our last.-PPI

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