Democracy in Pak interrupted like a film interval: Rabbani

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From Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani yesterday regretted that neither democratic institutions were allowed to function in accordance with constitution nor rule of law was established in the country. Speaking at an award ceremony in honor of renowned poet Nisar Nasik organized by National Press Club (NPC) here, the Chairman said democracy was derailed after every ten years by the dictators. “Democracy in Pakistan is like an interval in film as after every ten years it was interrupted,” he said. He said under the constitution, Parliament has central rule and it was like a jugular vein for the Federation. Rabbani said it was need of the hour that the Parliament play its historical role to cope with external and internal challenges being faced to the country. He said parliament has not only to be made transparent but it has to also address problems faced by the people and then the people would give it ownership. The people ownership could only help stop intervals in democracy, he added.He regretted that despite lapse of 70 years, we could not set our direction and were still looking it. The Chairman eulogized services rendered by revolutionary poet Nisar Nasik and said three forces like intellectuals, workers and students were considered back bone of any society and these people could bring real societal change.

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