6 doctors’ 3 nurses sacked

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From Wasim Kambo

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)’s sexual harassment scam involving senior doctor went awry as it costs the services of six heart specialist doctors and three nurses. The Prime Minister Secretariat’s bureaucracy, who has a very close tie with the accused of sexual harassments scam, suspended the services of twelve doctors who remained firm on their belief and stand for the victim without taking into account the perils regarding the consequences of their principles. As a result of adverse order of PM Secretariat against the doctors, PIMS Cardiac Centre has been closed for the non-availability of the heart specialists. These orders has also deprived the poor inhabitance of the capital of heart treatment facilities as PIMS Cardiac Centre was the sole heart center in the government hospital where the people got their medical treatment. According to the details, the Vice Chancellor PIMS Dr. Javed Akram had ordered to suspend an Assistant Professor of Cardiac Centre Dr. Humayun Iqbal in light of an inquiry committee’s report on sexual harassment of a female doctor. To get himself restored and safe from the complain of sexual harassment, Dr. Hamayun has started maligning his seniors and used his influence through PM secretariat to send the inquiry under carpet. However, after the stand of other colleagues of victim against Dr. Hamayun, the PM Secretariat had decided to openly support its blue eyed doctor to rescue him from the current notorious scandal. The sources said the accused doctor has used the source of PS to the PM to save his skin after allegedly committing filthy act. The sources revealed that initially on pressure of PM secretariat six doctors and three nurses, who have been working in PIMS from years, of Cardiac Centre had been removed from services inn excuse of allegedly doing private practice. The sources said that PS to PM Nabeel Afzaal has been asking the PIMS administration to dismiss all the Cardiac staff which includes doctors and a good number of paramedical staff. The Cardiac Centre was established the cost of billions of rupees but private staff was hired to practice their due to not creation of permanent posts. It may be mentioned here that a female cardiac doctor had submitted a complaint with the VC against Assistant Professor Dr. Humayun Iqbal for allegedly harassing and repeatedly misbehaving with her. On which the said doctor was suspended in light of an inquiry committee’s report set up by the VC Javed Akram. The PIMS Cardiac Centre was only a sole government center for poor people to get treatment facilities against heart diseases. After the removal of cardiac specialists from PIMS, the downtrodden could be deprived from heart treatment facility.

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