Bangladesh bans 3 charities from giving Rohingya aid

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DHAKA: Bangladesh has banned three Islamic charities from working with Rohingya refugees, a lawmaker said Thursday, amid concerns displaced Muslims in camps along its border could be radicalized. Mahjabeen Khaled, an MP from the ruling Awami League, said the international charities Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief, and Bangladesh-based Allama Fazlullah Foundation, had been blacklisted from the Rohingya refugee camps in southernmost Cox´s Bazar district. Khaled, who sits on the parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs, said no specific allegations had been levelled at the charities. But authorities were “scrutinising and screening” all aid agencies wanting to contribute to the massive relief effort in Cox´s Bazar, where more than half a million refugees had fled to squalid camps since August. “We want to monitor who is giving aid, and why, for security reasons. Who are funding them, and what they are going to do with the money?” Khaled told AFP. “They (Rohingya) are vulnerable. A lot can be done with this Rohingya people. We want to be careful,” she said, adding it would be “easy” to lure the refugees to militancy.–AFP

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