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This page of Daily National Courier newspaper is an important Editorial section that takes into account the incredible level of content material of all latest news updates, top stories, hot and trending news on many social causes and societal issues that takes place time to time. Our article news content is extremely creative and based on an in-depth research and analysis by our editorial team that consists of senior most journalists, analysts and reporters. It provides full coverage to the happenings and incidents that takes place internationally as well as domestically like Syrian War, Pak-US relationships, Law and order situation, WHO reports, World Bank reports, Wikileaks, Panama scandal and it goes on and on whether it is about the global warming, terrorism, violence and war, election campaigns etc. All editorial content is also linked with our social media digital platform of Facebook, Twitter and official website too on routine basis.

Increasing train accidents

It was tragic that an express passenger train collided with a stationary freight train claiming as many as many as…

U-turn of another kind!

One wonders what the PTI chief Imran Khan is up to. The way he takes decision and then retreats is not to be…

Of repressive crackdown

The way the PML-N government came hard on protesters using tear gas and shells is a matter of grave concern. Due to…