Zubair solicits positive travel advisory

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By Commerce Reporter

KARACHI: Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair has urged the foreign missions to play their role in issuance of a positive travel advisory for Pakistan by their respective governments. Addressing a session organized by Citizen – Police Liaison Committee for officials of foreign consulates here yesterday, he said improved situation in terms of law and order as well as political stability in Pakistan in general and its economic hub “Karachi” must be duly communicated to the world. Representatives of American Business Council, Pakistan Business Council Overseas’ Investors and Chamber of Commerce and Industry were also present on the occasion alongwith diplomats from USA, UAE, Russia, China, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain etc. “There is marked difference in the present day situation as compared to what it was in 2013,” said the Sindh Governor reiterating that fresh vistas of investment and opportunities are opening up at fast pace in the Sindh province itself.

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