Sindh Provincial MUN event to start from Nov 24

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By Aneel Ahmed Usmani

KARACHI: Founder, Sindh Provincial Model United Nation (MUN), Syed Rafay Ahmed said that students from various schools, colleges and universities of Karachi are going to participate in an event of debate competition that will be held at a local hotel in Karachi from 24 to 26 November.
Speaking to the media persons, Rafay said that Sindh Professional (MUN) will be recognized as the very first edition in the society of Model United Nations. On this platform, debate competitions pertaining to numerous topics on divergent subjects and issues will be witnessed.
Talking to National Courier, Rafay said this forum will enable students to know the exact role of United Nations and how it works, its history, policies and procedures and other global issues as well. This forum will also inculcate in further accelerating the level of communication skills of the students on such platform of public speaking as well, Rafay added.
Furthermore, Rafay said that Sindh Provincial Model UN will complement its sponsors by means of displaying the logo of the sponsor in our delegate handbook, a verbal thanking note at the start and end of the ceremonies and by featuring the organizations of the sponsors’ on our official website.

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