Indian behavior may turn into a big war: CJCSC

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ISLAMBABAD: Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Zubair Mahmood Hayat today said Kashmir issues still remains a flash point for a nuclear war between Pakistan and India.
Speaking at an international Conference, the CJCSC said the path to relations between Islamabad and New Delhi passes through Kashmir. “There is no bypass,” said he.
He criticized the India’s global ambitions and said that New Delhi’s fragile policies and procedures are becoming a cause of a prolonged instability in South Asian region.
He further stressed that it is the need of the hour need to seriously consider the strategic, economic and political affairs of South Asia. The political and strategic issues in South Asia were escalating disputes and disagreements in the region. Pakistan would consistently focus on maintaining the strategic balance and equilibrium in the field of conventional weapons because without it, disputes will emerge in continuation, he added.
Commenting on the situation in Afghanistan, he said the war stricken country was an important region between South Asia and Central Asia. He said Islamabad supports a peaceful Afghanistan. He also said that South Asia is being destabilized through non-state elements. Talking about the frail governance in Afghanistan, he said Pakistan was paying a huge price since years for the existing instability in Afghanistan.
Highlighting Kashmir issue, he said it is an indispensable element for maintaining peace in the region, without resolving the issue of Kashmir peace process will not succeed at all. “Pakistan wants resolution of Kashmir and Afghan issues. We want similar progress on all the issues”.
He said Pakistan was aware of its responsibilities without ignoring its defence. “Pakistan will maintain minimum nuclear capability considering the circumstances”.
Commenting on rapidly growing extremism in India, General Zubair said India has turned into extremist state. He said India continues its sub conventional war against Pakistan and New Delhi’s Surgical strike mantra was an important example in this regard.
The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee said India has committed over 1200 ceasefire violations in which 1000 Pakistani civilians and 300 soldiers lost their lives. “This Indian behavior can turn into a big war,” he warned.
He also accused India of carrying out terror activities in Pakistan through Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Baloch separatists. He said Indian conspiracies against CPEC were also no secret, adding that New Delhi has allocated 500 million dollars to sabotage the CPEC. -Agencies

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