Three activists who razed Babri Masjid have converted to Islam

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NC Monitoring Desk

AYODHYA: Three Hindu activists who were involved in razing Babri Masjid to the ground in 1992 have converted to Islam.

For three persons who once were regarded as heroes in their own villages for razing down Babri Masjid, the act is now a crime that they deeply regret. The guilt-ridden former Kar Sevaks (activists) have now converted to Islam.

Balbir Singh, who was once a popular Shiv Sena leader and the one that climbed the dome of the razed Babri Masjid, is now known as Muhammad Amir after converting to Islam. Along with his colleague Muhammad Umar (who was formerly known as Yogendra Pal and was also involved in the Babri Masjid attack) have vowed to construct and renovate 100 mosques as atonement for their sins.

Singh’s transformation from radical Hindu activist to a Muslim is all the more sensational. The man from Panipat was in Deoband to assassinate Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui when he heard the cleric’s sermon. –Agencies

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