Senate panel to discuss release of 42 Pakistanis from Kabul

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From Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: The Senate has referred the matter of 42 Pakistanis recently released by US authorities from Afghan-istan’s Bagram detention centre after years of confinement without charges, to its penal on human rights. Senator Sherry Rehman, who previously served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, raised the issue in the Upper House of Parliament as a matter of public importance. She said that out of 45 Pakistanis languishing in Bagram, 42 have been repatriated as no crime could be pinned on them. “Stripped of their rights and caught in the legal black hole for years, their lives been destroyed,” she told the House. She did not mention the exact date of their release, but said the LHC and an NGO, Justice Project Pakistan, along with Pakistani embassy played an important role in this regard. Most of them face debilities due to torture they underwent during their interrogation.

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