Sanctity of vote can’t be used to defend crime: CJP

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ISLAMABAD: Emphasising that sanctity of the vote cannot be used as a defence in a criminal case, Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has said that judges do not write judgements to settle scores or to please anyone. “We serve the people of Pakistan and we serve the Constitution of Pakistan to the best of our understanding and ability. We do not write judgements to please, we do not write judgements to settle scores, we render judgements in the fine scales of justice,” Justice Nisar said while addressing a ceremony at the SC organised to mark the start of the new judicial year. Addressing the full court meeting, he said that the constitution provided system of governance to be run by three organs of the state, including executive, legislature and judiciary. “The Constitution is supreme and each state organ has to perform its duties and functions in accordance with the constitutional scheme. The most vital aspect of a true democracy is the rule of law for which the independence of judiciary is a sine qua non,” he said. Calling for the protection of fundamental rights of the people, the CJP said the independence of judiciary means that the judges must be independent from all kinds of influences from any side, be it executive or by any other person or authority in the echelons of power. “The prevalence of injustice results in denial and infringement of rights of the citizens, which in turn leads to chaos and anarchy in the society,” he added. The CJP said the court had initiated suo motu proceedings in matters of great public importance involving violation of fundamental rights.

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