Rs36mln spent on foreign tours of PIA officers

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From Wasim Kambo

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airline (PIA) had spent an amount of Rs 36 million over foreign tours of its officers, it has been revealed in meeting of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament yesterday. Secretary Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Irfan Qadir informed the parliamentary body that Rs four millions were spent on foreign visits of his own department during the year of 2016. The amount includes the refreshment, plane tickets, residence expenditures and other TADA, he added. Sharing details, he said the former CEO PIA made a total of 22 abroad visits comprising 99 days, which cost Rs six million. Director Purchase Imran Akther made 15 visits comprising 50 days against the cost of Rs 2.4 millions, IT Chief PIA Muhammad Azhar made 13 visits of 46 days, Director Aamir Ali made 13 visits of 33 days against cost of Rs 1.7 million, Nayyar Hayat made three visits of 50 days against cost of Rs one million, Director Khurram Mushtar made six visits of 40 days against cost of Rs 0.8 million and Raheel Ahmed made four visits of 14 days which cost Rs 0.68 millions. The committee noted that a PIA had hired a number of consultants against huge packages and incentives. A Legal Consultant was hired against Rs 1.5 million per month. It was revealed the above legal consultant had been involved in a murder case. Meanwhile, The PAC directed for a special investigation and audit based report regarding the closure of Premium Airline within three months.

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