Per capita health spending below WHO standard

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By Staff Reporter

KARACHI: “Health spending in Pakistan is slow but persistently rising. The country is spending 0.5 to 0.8 percent of its GDP on health over the last 10 years. These percentages are less than the WHO bench mark of at least 6 percent of GDP required to provide basic and life saving services, according latest Economic Survey of Pakistan. A World Bank latest report says currently Pakistan’s per capita health spending is US $ 36.2 which is below than the WHO’s low income countries bench mark of US$ 86. The survey says that health profile of Pakistan is characterized by high population growth. Despite a significant investment in health sector over the year, the rate of progress is lower than most other countries. The disease pattern is heavily dominated by malnutrition and poor dietary practices. SDGs is a national commitment to improve health outcomes. The federal and provincial/area governments all developing, implementing and monitoring health sector strategic framework to achieve health related SDGs. Human welfare and development is a basic right of every individual as enshrined in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the charter of the United Nations. However, at the global level and within nation states, a tug of war has been on-going for decades whether welfare or growth should be the barometer of real economic development. Health, education, drinking water and sewerage was considered to be the main contributor of welfare of the citizens of a country.

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