Pakistanis, Indians in UAE unite for Independence Day celebrations

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NC Monitoring Desk

DUBAI: Pakistani and Indian expats have hosted a joint celebration of their country’s Independence Day to spread a message of ‘love and unity’. The celebration was organised by members of the Facebook group, called UAE Fusion Socialites, which has more than 7,000 members from different nationalities. The event attracted many members of the group who wanted to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day (August 14) and India’s Independence Day (August 15) together at Sharjah’s Sahara Centre. “This event will show our politicians that we all are united. It will show them that the negative things they say and think will not affect us – we are united and we are all friends,” said Majida Rasool, a Pakistani member of the Facebook group who attended in the event. “Indians and Pakistanis live together peacefully. The problem is only at the borders and in the media, which is why our politicians need to be friendlier and take a friendly approach to this. They need to see that we live together with unity.” An Indian expat, Anisa Junaid, said that hosting such events will help create ‘more love’ between the two nationalities. She also turned up at the celebration to celebrate her country’s Independence Day, as well as Pakistan’s. Indian expat, Rahila Begum, said that if more people come to events as such, it helps remove misunderstandings and negative perceptions. “People usually judge and make assumptions based off information they read from the internet and on the television, but they need to come to events like this, where they can interact and get to know other nationalities. They will learn that we are all the same,” Begum said.

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