‘Medical colleges directed not to admit students against admission regulations’

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From Wasim Kambo

ISLAMABAD : The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council in the larger interest of parents, students, institutions and universities, has directed that admissions in MBBS and BDS courses in public and private sector institutions of Pakistan and abroad shall be governed by Admission Regulations 2016, vide S.R.O.1003 (1) 2016 dated 27th October, 2016 (admissions, house job and internship regulations 2016) which are available on PM&DC website i.e The Council in its recent meeting unanimously decided that no medical and dental college can work in violation with the law and PM&DC shall not tolerate any violation of the rules and regulations and set criteria of PM&DC. President PM&DC Prof.Dr.Shabir Lehri in a statement told that the Council in its 156th session showed serious concerns over admitting students in medical and dental colleges prior to the time frame PM&DC has imposed on them. He said that it was discussed that majority of private medical and dental colleges have advertised in the newspapers and admitted students before 31st October and before completion f admission process of public medical and dental colleges in violation of rules. He added that on repeated requests for fee hike of private medical and dental colleges up to 13 lacs, PM&DC council after several meetings with PAMI sent recommendation to the Ministry of Health NHRS&C for fee increase of 8 lacs in private medical and dental colleges but the council after taking notice of the private medical colleges decided to cancel the recommendations of fee hike. Now as per admission policy 2016 the fee of medical dental college shall be 642000/- only. He said that PM&DC has always tried to safe guard the interest of all the public and private institutions but any institution who violates the rules and criteria of PM&DC shall be dealt with strict penal action. President PM&DC further emphysied that PM&DC is the supreme regulatory body for the medical and dental education, any advertisement published from any unauthorized group or individual shall be ignored. All students, their parents and institutions are advised to strictly follow the centralized provincial/regional admission/entry test policy described in above S.R.O and all the other decisions done by the PM&DC. He cautioned that any admission taken or granted against these regulations shall be considered as violation of PM&DC rules and shall not be registered by affiliating university and PM&DC. The violating institution shall be penalised under the Ordinance 1962.It is also pertinent to mention that the tuition fee shall be the same as mentioned in these regulations.

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