Indian doctor refuses treatment to Kashmiri patient

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MUMBAI: An Indian doctor reportedly refused to treat a Kashmiri patient over political reasons.
According to a report, Dr. Manoj Tiwari of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh told the patient named Nasreen Malik that the “people of Kashmir pelt stones at their forces and come to India seeking medical treatment”.
Nasreen’s son Javaid also stated that the Indian doctors did not treat her mother properly.
Javaid said, “Tiwari was very responsive to us till he didn’t see the prescription of SKIMS Medical College. Once he came to know that we are from Kashmir, he got angry and threw the papers.”
Javaid added that the doctor demanded Rs. 15 lakh for the medical treatment. He added that another patient told him to go to another medical facility where the cost is Rs. 80000. –Agencies

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