Ex-PM Nawaz must return public money spent on him during tenure

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Prime Minister House and President House are two highest offices of Pakistan whose expenditures including kitchen are borne by the public i.e taxes collected by federation hence it is public money by all definitions. Nawaz Sharif during 4 years, 2 months into office apart from enjoying hospitality in the PM House, also enjoyed foreign trips, lavish boarding and lodging for him and his entourage at a cost of billions of rupees during the period mentioned above. Now with the Panama case verdict, it is beyond any doubt that these expenditures or money spent on him was spent on a person who occupied the PM House illegally, by cheating and defrauding people of Pakistan, by evading tax and laundering ill-gotten wealth amassed by him and his children, in laws and stooges, stashing the same in off shore accounts. By all moral standards, Nawaz Sharif is liable to return the same to the national kitty and if he fails to do so voluntarily, the state institutions must press the relevant rules into play to get every single paisa back into the national coffers. No the Nation wants and awaits the legal mill into action recovering their contribution as tax payers. Abdul Qadir Nizami, Senior Citizen Resident of North Nazimabad Karachi

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