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Watch this robot doing a spectacular back flip


A recently posted video by Boston Dynamics shows Atlas the robot doing a back-flip and it is as awesome as you can imagine a robot back-flipping. Although it is not a new thing for a robot to do a back flip, it is the first time that Boston Dynamics’ two-legged …

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Swimming with dolphins in virtual reality to aid disabled


Swimming with wild dolphins is something most can only dream of, and jumping into pools with captive animals has become increasingly controversial with environmentalists condemning it as cruel. But a Dutch non-profit believes it has found a way to bring people, especially the disabled, closer to such a joyful experience …

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UK to have driverless cars by 2021: govt


British finance minister Philip Hammond is to announce £75 million ($99 million, 84 million euros) funding for Artificial Intelligence and plans to put driverless cars on UK roads by 2021, in his budget speech on Wednesday. Hammond will announce regulation changes to allow Britain’s driverless car industry, which the government …

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Artificially Intelligent boy given residency in Tokyo


The boy is named ‘Shibuya Mirai’, which means ‘future’ in Japanese. The boy is similar to a friendly and talkative seven-year-old boy and is supposed to be a first grader at an elementary school.­ Though the AI created character does not physically exist, he can have text conversations with humans …

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Report suggests Windows, iOS are more secure than Android


Android is most likely the widely used operating system in smartphones today. However, turns out that it is not as secure as compared to iOS and Windows. Nokia launched its 2017 Threat Intelligence Report, which stated that Google’s Android devices are more likely to be infected in comparison to the …

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Are we approaching the end of automotive era?


Companies such as Tesla, Google, Uber, Ford, Lyft and General Motors are already testing and creating their own autonomous vehicles which will soon be seen going around on roads. The former Vice-Chairman of General Motors, Bob Lutz, believes that considering the current situation of the growing autonomous cars, we are …

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Microsoft brings muted tabs, Near Share in Windows 10


A few weeks ago, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update was released that introduced many new features including the new Microsoft design and a more personalized Edge. Currently, Microsoft has been working on its next major update for Windows. For anyone who wants to try out the new features, Windows has …

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UN to host first talks on use of ‘killer robots’


The United Nations is set to open its first official talks on the use of autonomous weapons, but a treaty governing so-called killer robots remains far off, the ambassador leading the discussions said Friday. Activists and tech leaders including Tesla´s Elon Musk have called on the UN to ban fully-automated …

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