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How WHO plans to get rid of the virus by 2030


World Hepatitis Day 2016 Theme Is Elimination The countdown to eliminating viral hepatitis has officially begun. During the World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual assembly this past May, the organization’s member states adopted the Elimination Strategy for Viral Hepatitis — the first of its kind. Not only is there now renewed determination to …

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These cool shirts change designs like a chameleon


Technology is everywhere and is impacting everything around us, the way we work, eat, socialize, all has changed dramatically. Even the clothes we wear are going to change, thanks to these forces of tech. Meet Aerochromics, created by artist and designer Nikolas Bentel, are a line of shirts that can …

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Microsoft adds Office 365 cloud updates


Microsoft has unveiled a new set of cloud-powered services in Office apps. Researcher and Editor in Word, Focused Inbox in Outlook, and PowerPoint’s Zoom are the newest additions to Office 365. Researcher uses Bing Knowledge Graph to pull in the appropriate content from the web and provide “structured, safe and …

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Childhood obesity: Carrots can’t fight it alone


Eating well and exercising may not help morbidly obese children, and they ?have the option to undergo bariatric surgery. High prevalence of childhood obesity in the UAE is keeping parents and health officials worried. While experts advise parents to focus on eating well and exercising to keep their children healthy, …

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Whatsapp introduces new font


As Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging clients, users are always eager to hear about updates related to the app. Well, we have good news for them as developers have just released the latest beta version, which comes with some interesting new features. The first new feature, perhaps …

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Now you can literally ride your luggage


Why carry your luggage if you can ride it, this may sound a fun fantasy but it’s very real. Meet Modobag – world’s first motorized luggage. This invention is a fun filled solution to an age old problem, i.e. people do not like to carry their luggage, but they do …

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