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Science unravels spiders’ monstrous food web


PARIS: The world´s spiders eat 400-800 million tonnes of insects every year — as much meat and fish as humans consume over the same period, a study said Tuesday. In the first analysis of its kind, researchers used data from 65 previous studies to estimate that a total of 25 …

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WhatsApp, Telegram patch flaws in instant messaging applications


SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp and Telegram patched flaws in their popular instant messaging applications after security researchers showed that they could seize control of user accounts. Researchers with Check Point Software Technologies Inc discovered problems with the way the two apps process some types of files without verifying that they do …

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Scientists grow potato under Mars-like conditions in Peru


LIMA: Potatoes on Mars? Scientists are reporting promising results growing the tuber under conditions that mimic the Red Planet in an experiment in Peru linked to US space agency NASA. “Preliminary results are positive,” the International Potato Center (CIP) said this week after a potato grew under simulated Mars atmospheric …

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Skull, two-legged walking evolved together: Study

HUMAN EVOLUTION  While the general idea of evolution of different species of humans from older species of primates is accepted all around, there is still a lot of debate among the scientific community about some of the specifics. One of them concerns the evolution of bipedalism – walking on two …

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China to develop space rockets to launch from planes


BEIJING: China will develop rockets that can be launched into space from aircraft, a senior official told the state-run China Daily newspaper, as Beijing aims to send hundreds of satellites into orbit for military, commercial and scientific aims. The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology has designed a solid-fuel rocket …

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How WHO plans to get rid of the virus by 2030


World Hepatitis Day 2016 Theme Is Elimination The countdown to eliminating viral hepatitis has officially begun. During the World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual assembly this past May, the organization’s member states adopted the Elimination Strategy for Viral Hepatitis — the first of its kind. Not only is there now renewed determination to …

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These cool shirts change designs like a chameleon


Technology is everywhere and is impacting everything around us, the way we work, eat, socialize, all has changed dramatically. Even the clothes we wear are going to change, thanks to these forces of tech. Meet Aerochromics, created by artist and designer Nikolas Bentel, are a line of shirts that can …

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