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UK launches world’s biggest wind turbines


UK sustains its reputation as a world leader in wind technology by installing the planet’s biggest and most power wind turbines. The wind turbines have started functioning in Liverpool generating electricity off the coast. 32 turbines have been installed in Liverpool Bay by Danish company Dong Energy, which claims them …

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Artificial Intelligence to replace humans


An AI recruiter has been developed by the San Francisco based Mya Systems. The robot would be able to evaluate resumes, schedule and carry out applicant screenings and also congratulate people on their first working day! People worried about AI stealing human jobs; however, this AI robot will actually help …

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Antarctica turning green due to climate change


It has been known through research that climate change is turning Antarctica green. The researchers in the continent have found out increasing banks of mosses in the northern peninsula of Antarctica which indicates signs of climate change in the most cold and remote areas of Earth. The scientists discovered two …

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Scientists put an end to blood donations


Blood donations could possibly come to an end as scientists have generated blood cells from a patient’s own skin. The 20 year project might break grounds for creating an infinite number of immune and blood cells for transplants through reprogramming the skin cells of the patient. The Boston team made …

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Elon Musk to provide free internet to the world by 2019


SpaceX, one of Elon Musk’s ventures, has planned to launch satellites that will provide high-speed internet to Earth by 2019. On Wednesday, the vice-president of the company’s satellite government affairs, Patricia Cooper informed that later this year, SpaceX will itself test the satellite along with launching a prototype by the …

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Microdose LSD to pit brain against AI


The powerful effect of psychedelic was already known to masses. It is already acknowledged how these drugs activates certain regions in human brain and allows them to bond amongst themselves in entirely new and unified ways. The researchers are now set to discover whether microdosing LSD (Lysergic Acid Deithylamide) will …

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Wood can now be used to filter water


A new use for wood has been discovered by engineers and that is to filter water. The engineers added nano-particles to wood and further made use of it for filtering toxic dyes from water. The engineers at the University of Maryland took their first step with a block of linden …

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