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Experience Dubai, there is no other place like it

By Mustafa Al Zarooni Experiences are yardsticks by which societies are measured. Good experiences help communities project the right image which in turn helps them improve to become role models for others to emulate. This explains why archaeologists and experts in documentation work hard to unearth all they can about …

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Middle East in a limbo

By Abdullah Al Shayji In my January 2017 column in Gulf News, “2016 was a devastating year for order and security”, I argued how depressing and unyielding 2016 was, and how it took its toll on us all. I ventured to argue: “Once again, 2016 was a devastating year for …

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Debate over Iran deal is utterly perplexing

By Adam J. Szubin As one of the architects of a 10-year sanctions campaign against Iran under US Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and the Treasury Department official charged with delivering sanctions relief pursuant to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), I find the debate over the …

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Dubai’s startup culture makes it an exciting city

By Yousuf Lootah A cornerstone of social and economic development, innovation is also a key to promoting economic growth. The UAE, and Dubai in particular, has set its sights on implementing today what other cities in the world will begin implementing 10 years later. Innovation remains the focal point in …

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Narrative of Gloom and Doom!

By Syed M. Aslam Contrary to the parrot-like gloom-and-doom narrative voiced by the disqualified former head of the government, the people of this country, which broke away from the yoke of twin British traders and Hindu slave master 70 years ago in the name of Islam, are rejoicing for the …

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Why Abbas should now embrace the one-state option

By Osama Al Sharif Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ much-hyped speech at the UN General Assembly last week has failed to impress even his staunchest supporters. It was not the first time that the 82-year-old Palestinian leader had addressed the world body. On previous occasions he had pleaded the case of …

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Read Our Lips!

By Syed M. Aslam The rulers here, as unscrupulous as they may be anywhere, would really many secrets particularly those that would shatter their wishful beliefs that they mean the sun and moon for the masses if they could just be capable of reading the lips of the people. It …

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Ancient wisdom inspires modern success


By Shumaila Aslam When emperors of old would climb Taishan Mountain, China’s holiest cliff, they’d reach the 1,532-meter peak and kneel before heaven to pray for a more fertile land. Thousands of years later, I cross into the East China province of Shandong at over 300 kilometers per hour aboard …

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The Never Ending Circus!

By Syed M. Aslam Our ruling elites are trend setters. They have already made corruption, nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, flattery, dishonesty, lie, and many other things vice to new heights where they are now acceptable as a norm. They have now started a new trend- making court appearances a matter of …

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